Friday, February 20, 2009

Letting go

I looked into the eyes of the man I once heart full of contempt. He looked so happy...his green eyes were sparkling and his lips were curled into a delightful smile. I studied the woman whose face was upturned and looking up at him. This was the woman...the woman whose cunning moves and manipulative words moved in on my man.

I knew it would happen but he just couldn't see that he was like a fly being caught in a spider's web. My friends think i should move on...perhaps they are right? But when you have given your heart to somebody it is hard to get back. And if it is broken, as mine is, it is impossible to retrieve every last piece.

The smiles, the hugs, the kisses, the laughter...all the moments we shared still linger in my mind...but you do not have moved have another...i should move on, i know i should. Easier said then done.

I changed for you, i made myself into something i didnt want to be...for you! How stupid! And all because i thought it would make you love me more. But still found still found me still found another to fit your perfect mould.

I cried so hard the day we broke up...i cried so hard the day i found out you were with her...whose cunning, manipulative ways caught you and one day i hope will suffocate you!
You are dead to i am to you...its time to start over and gradually pick up the pieces of my broken let another love grow


She looked at him...his tall, tanned, muscular body aching to be with her. His eyes, those piercing blue pools of desire, staring...longing. She turned, reluctantly, for he was another womans man now, no longer her man.

She turned, lifted the skirts of her jade coloured dress and ran...ran from the past and into the future...but what would her future be? He wouldn't be in it. Her love. Her life. Her whole entire reason of being.

When she stumbled into the door of her cottage, what had been their cottage, she curled up into a ball beside the crackling fire and cryed for the things lost...the things that could and never would be the same. The tears cascaded down her cheeks and into a pool beside her head....