Thursday, April 30, 2009


I just watched a movie called Amusement with my dear friend Emily.
It was about a young chap who tortured three girls for his amusement, hence the title.
Rather good but now i am scared of clowns even more.

Google defines clowns as: people who amuse others by ridiculous behaviour. Does that include stalking people and torturing them?

Don't think so.
Definately not having any clowns at my next party unless they are stripper clowns...

Tuesday, April 28, 2009

"My spoon is too big"

"I'm a Banana!"

Yes, this is what captivated my small mind and made me talk in an American accent for quite some time. I probably would never have found this funny if it was not for the friendship of a certain Tasha person who in Grade 10 scared the living daylights out of me. Her whole approach to life started to appeal to me, though, and after some time we became great friends. But that was only when i realised she was not going to rape me at every opportunity.

"Rudolph the black nosed fuckwit"

It's an addiction,

I have an addiction so great it is unbelievable...


I just realised it has been two months and i have not formally introduced myself.
How rude of me!

I'm Hannah.
Formal enough? No?

Good evening ladies and gentleman,
My name is Hannah, it is a pleasure to meet you all.
Because i just have so many followers.
I'm overwhelmed.