Monday, June 22, 2009

Byron Bay

Byron Bay, the hippy capital. Set off down there Saturday afternoon. Rained. Couldn't find the unit and Jarrad being a manly man wouldn't let me call to check where it was. Wandered around and got lost. Found it. Went out for dinner. When it came to paying for it we didn't know how. Got the bill. What do we do with this now? Paid for the over priced dinner. Left in great haste. Took a drive up to the lighthouse. The rest is for your imagination. Woke in the morning, jumped on Jarrad. Showered. Dressed. Packed. A quick one night stay. Drove to Pottsville to the markets. Spotted some dikes. Jarrad giggled. On to Hastings Point and Cabarita Beach for lunch. To Kingscliffe for petrol and a much relieved toilet stop. So relieved in fact Jarrad got onto the highway and started going to Ballina. Turned around. Headed home. Rained. I slept for an hour. Got back to Beerwah.

Yeah, my weekend in a nutshell =]

Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Movie Marathons

I now look at Movie Marathons with disdain. They are just an excuse for security guards to do the whole "we have authority because we have the badge" otherwise known as a power trip. They are just an excuse for girls to hook up with randoms and give them blow jobs. They are just an excuse to start commotion with the audience by yelling "penis"

I sure won't be going to another one.
Bloody pay bloody $20 to fall asleep in three bloody movies while some bloody boy is getting some bloody action from some bloody cum sucking blonde bimbo with an obnoxious bloody voice. Vindictive slut.