Wednesday, July 1, 2009

My Wednesday

Today, as i sat on the bench waiting for my bus, a tall thin man who clearly was a psychopathic , sat next to me. I did not make eye contact, yet he decided to strike up a conversation. This is how it went...

Psychopathic: Hey, haven't seen you around here lately.Me: Hi, yeah...Psychopathic: What do you like to do?Me: Not much.Psychopathic: I can tell.Me: (Smiles awkwardly)Psycopathic: What did you do today?Me: Not much. I'm a not much sort of girl.Psycopathic: I can tell that too.Me: (Laughs nervously)Psycopathic: I'm from Maleny, do you go up there much?Me: No, i dont.Psycopathic: Do you remember me?Me: No? Psycopathic: Yeah, it was one crazy night.Me: I'm sure it was.

-Bus Comes, he jumps on the same bus! I scamper and sit next to CC-

Landsborough Train Station, walking over to the car.

Psycopathic: Cya later. Peace.Me: Bye.Psycopathic: God, your beautiful.Me: (Laughs nervously again...get to the fucking car hannah!)Psycopathic: Can i shout you a beer at the pub?Me: (Shakes head and jumps in the car)Mum: How was your day?Me: Just drive!
Psycopathic walks over to our car. Mum in great haste locks the doors.Ha!He wanted a lift up to Maleny!

No where is safe. Lock up your daughters and sons, god lock up your teddy bears!